This is a past event. Please, join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Advanced Caching


On Friday, September 3rd

In depth overview of caching techniques, from standard usage to advanced setups with strong focus on HTTP cache. Real world examples based on Symfony, together with the necessary tools (such as varnish reverse proxy) and API design decisions to achieve an extremely high hitrate. The most important part of any caching system is cache invalidation which will be covered in depth in this workshop. I'll cover how can one automate the invalidation process and make it painless for developers.

At SofaScore we serve 20 million monthly active users generating over 160 billion requests and 460 TB of data each month, with extreme peaks all running on commodity hardware, costing less than 3k euros a month. This workshop is based on the experience gathered developing that project.

As a side note, very early in the project development we've invested time to implemented a library that should be open sourced by the summer 2021 that utilises doctrine entity listener to automate good part of the invalidation process.


All dependencies and code are installed on the Virtualbox appliance provided to participants.

If not using prepared VirtualBox appliance make sure you have these services installed on your laptop:

  • PHP v7.4 or v8
  • Composer
  • Symfony CLI
  • Postgres
  • Apache Bench
  • Varnish v6

Then prepare the project before workshop starts:

Part of

PHP track

Hands-on workshops dedicated to PHP and related tools and techniques useful in real applications and every day work.


Josip Stuhli

Josip Stuhli


Josip has been involved with computers for the better part of his life. Started with web development back in high school. Since then he's moved to backend and DevOps. Loves security stuff and is obsessed with optimising everything. Works in Zagreb as CTO @ SofaScore.