PHP track

Hands-on workshops dedicated to PHP and related tools and techniques useful in real applications and every day work. The track includes two full-day engaging workshops:

  • David Buchmann from Liip will deliver a full day workshop on Fixing PHP Applications - Thursday, September 2nd

  • Josip Stuhli from SofaScore will deliver a full day workshop about Advanced caching practices - Friday, September 3rd

Detailed workshops description coming soon.

Workshop prerequisites

In order to actively participate in hands-on workshops, you need to bring your own laptop with at least 6 GB of RAM, but 8 GB is highly recommended. Regular hard disk will do, but having an SSD is an advantage.

Like every year, we will provide a VirtualBox appliance with prepared software requirements. This saves time as no installations and setup are needed during the workshops. Only the latest version of VirtualBox needs to be installed on your laptop's host operating system.


David Buchmann

Liip AG

David Buchmann works at Liip as Symfony expert. He is interested in backend applications and strategies to make them better. When he is not coding, he enjoys travelling with his girlfriend, music and boardgames.

Josip Stuhli


Josip has been involved with computers for the better part of his life. Started with web development back in high school. Since then he's moved to backend and DevOps. Loves security stuff and is obsessed with optimising everything. Works in Zagreb as CTO @ SofaScore.