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Applying Agile to the Web Development Agency Model


On Friday, September 3rd

Agile frameworks and practices are nowadays the method of choice for solving all kinds of complex problems, including organizing work in complex projects that include various stakeholders and delivery teams. The goal of this workshop is to explain why and how modern web development and digital agencies can benefit from implementing agile principles and practices to ensure continuous business value delivery, high visibility of progress, improved control of risks, and better ability to adapt to changing requirements. It is a combination of theory, discussions, and hands-on exercises.


Setting the Stage

In this introductory section, attendees will share more information about their current working practices, processes, and tools, including the most important challenges they face in their day-to-day business.

Introduction to Business Agility

Attendees will gain an understanding of the common theory and mindset underpinning all agile frameworks. They will learn about dealing with uncertainty in planning and release management, benefits of agile versus traditional development, empiricism, continuous versus iterative and incremental flow, time-boxing, self-management, cross-functionality, and corporate values needed to bring agile to life.

Agile Product Management

The traditional project management approach, based on fixed time, scope, and budget, is not suited for today's fast-pacing, Internet and consumer-driven market. For managers to successfully maximize the value of products, services & systems delivered by their teams, they need to move from project-based thinking to product-based thinking and embrace various agile product management practices. This section will give attendees insights into value-driven development and agile product ownership.

Leading Agile Product Development

This section will touch upon the prerequisites for leaders and managers who work directly with development teams to become critical enablers of organizational agility. It will help them understand how to best support, guide, and coach their teams to improve their agile capabilities.

Overview of Most Commonly Used Agile Frameworks: Scrum and Kanban

Through the overview and comparison of Scrum, an iterative and incremental agile framework, and Kanban, a continuous flow agile framework, attendees with get a clear understanding of these frameworks and when to apply each one of them.

Overview of Assorted Agile Development Practices

Agile is not a silver bullet, but implementing different proven agile development practices can support you on your path to build a sustainable process that enables your teams to deliver value to your customers in form of done products and do it continuously at a sustainable pace. Attendees will learn more about modeling their sales, support, and development processes, building and supporting self-managing and cross-functional development teams, agile planning and estimation techniques, refining requirements, getting to done, managing their testing efforts, leveraging DevOps engineering and technical practices complementary to agile, combining design and development workflows, and working in distributed environments.

Web Development Agency Powered by Scrum and Kanban - Case Study

We'll present an example of how a web development agency has organized its sales, development, and support processes using Scrum together with Kanban, including the integrated DevOps toolset supporting them. It will show attendees what implementation of agile practices together with tools looks like in real-life scenarios.

Target Audience

This workshop is targeted to anyone working or collaborating with web development or digital agencies: agency owners, sales agents, key account managers, project and product managers, various stakeholders, designers, and all team members. It is a perfect introduction for those new to agile principles and practices. At the same time, it can help them reboot or refresh their current agile processes.

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Ana Roje Ivančić

Ana Roje Ivančić


Ana has a 20 years of experience in the field of professional software development. She frequently speaks at various local and international industry conferences and regularly delivers training workshops. She is a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at, and additionally holds a number of Microsoft development and Scrum certifications.

Ognjen Bajić

Ognjen Bajić


Ognjen Bajic is a DevOps Consultant and Professional Scrum Trainer with over 20 years of experience in professional software development. Ognjen helps teams and organizations adopt agile tools and practices, automate and optimize their development processes. Ognjen has been speaking extensively about his experiences at various local and international conferences and holds project management and Scrum certifications.