Get ready for Web Summer Camp in Šibenik, Croatia!

Get ready for Web Summer Camp in Šibenik, Croatia!

Having in mind the overall situation with vaccinations and the upcoming warmer weather, we are optimistic that we will make this happen. Of course, we are dedicated to organise Web Summer Camp as safely as possible, taking into account the overall risks and safety precautions. We want everyone to feel and remain safe during the event, but we also want you to have a good time.

There are several changes from the previous Web Summer Camp editions, though. 

First, we decided to hold the event in Šibenik, in Amadria Park Šibenik resort, which will help us to keep this event separated from others but will still provide enough space and facilities to keep us relaxed and entertained. The city of Šibenik is located right in the middle and less than an hour away from two international airports - Split (SPU) and Zadar (ZAD), and can also be reached via A1 highway, which will make it easier for you to travel. 

Second, the event will last for two, instead of three days, but keep in mind that we are planning to organise an additional outdoor event on the third day. We’ll announce more information about this soon.

Third, we plan to organise workshops in more tracks to avoid crowding, to reduce the number of speakers and mixing between the groups. The number of participants per track will probably be limited. 

Other than that, we plan to keep you entertained like usual. There will be plenty of outdoor activities (which is another reason why we had chosen this location) and we plan to keep the spirits high.

The program is being worked on and more details will be shared soon together with our tickets offering.

Of course, living in unpredictable times such as these, there is a chance that we will need to cancel the event, but we are optimistic that it will not happen. Make sure you check our updated website, with special instructions on Covid-19.

Looking forward to seeing you in Šibenik!