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Goodbye Website Projects; Design Thinking in Website Development


Say goodbye to website projects and requirements documents. In this interactive workshop, we’ll learn how to use design thinking techniques and key innovation skills to eliminate website projects and requirements documents, increase recurring revenue, reduce time to market, improve timeline management, enhance client satisfaction, deepen client relationships, and produce more impactful work. Confidently and capably transform your website development with this fresh approach.

Tracking to market needs…

Requirements and detailed specifications at the onset of a new website project slow things down at the most exciting time of the project – the start. Rare are the individuals, often titled business analysts, who possess sufficient experience to properly articulate both the technical and business needs of the client in a well-written document. We assume the business analyst along with the client fully understands both the present and future market the website is intended to address. Markets are competitive and, especially in 2021, highly dynamic. All the planning and requirements work done upfront of a significant website project are simply out of date the moment they’re written. The design thinking approach conveyed in this workshop will help ensure your website project hits the target market.

Chasing technology changes…

“Build it, leave it, redesign it in two years” has been the norm in website development forever. As mentioned above, markets are highly dynamic and technology platforms are evolving and changing every day. Website developers just love reading that a widely-used function or HTML tag has been deprecated – not! Equally frustrating is the discovery that a security flaw has been identified in a library you’ve been using forever, requiring all the impacted websites to be revisited. Clients seldom understand these issues and are often reluctant to pay for such. Indeed, the two-year life span for a website is history. While we cannot eliminate these deprecation and security issues, the design thinking approach discussed in this workshop anticipates rapidly changing technology platforms, prepares the client for such, and ensures you get paid for the remediation when necessary.

Workshop preparation…

In preparation for this workshop, it would be ideal to sketch out and bring your present-day website design/development process from the initial client contact to launch. We’ll overlay and juxtapose common engagement models to this design thinking approach and discuss the pros and cons of each.


Ron Brumbarger

Ron Brumbarger

President & Mentor @ Apprentice University

Ron is a president at Apprentice University where he gets to mentor and teach the tomorrow's leaders. By applying ideation, creative problem solving, and design thinking to all processes, he continues to perfect the work and the quality of students life every day.