How to avoid Jamstack failure in enterprise


Jamstack attracts a lot of developers and there are numerous successful projects using it. But only after the big enterprise players with their large sites join the party we see Jamstack's true colors. In this presentation, Ondrej will explain where Jamstack currently stands and bust the most common myths about this way of building websites. He'll touch on the key indicators that tell you which Jamstack framework is the right choice for a large project, outline what is and is not possible with Jamstack, and answer the most obvious question: "Is Jamstack the ultimate choice today?"


Ondrej Polesny

Ondrej Polesny

Developer Evangelist at Kentico

Ondrej is a JAM stack developer, FreeCodeCamp author, developer evangelist at KenticoKontent a YouTube video maker, streamer, bus driver, German Shepherd lover.