How to build a real-time interactive animated chart with React Native and D3


In this workshop we will learn how to build a mobile application with React Native. We will create a custom interactive chart using D3, react-native-svg, react-native-gesture-handler, react-native-reanimated and Relay - the GraphQL client. The goal is to show how a simple but yet powerful application can be quickly built using cutting edge tool set from React. Additionally, we will showcase how to render specific chart designed to best fit custom data.

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Milan Rakoš

Milan Rakoš

Milan is experienced frontend developer and web development general working on various web project in last 20 years. He also has vast experience in backend and IoT. His specialties are TypeScript, React.js, React-Native, node.js, noSQL, SQL, PHP, Perl, AWS and so on. Most likely he will defeat you in tennis or basketball but you can always try to challenge that.