This is a past event. Please, join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Introducing The BREAK Conference and workshops

Introducing  The BREAK Conference and workshops

Whether you run a web agency, develop a digital product or run a business in the digital industry, you are aware that solid code is not nearly enough to build a successful story.

There are so many things that need to meet for your business to grow, including excellent customer experience, proper “martech” tools and techniques that would boost your team productivity, recognising the perfect partner and the perfect moment that would take your ideas to the next level, etc. But, what lies behind all these things is your will to BREAK your known habits and rebuild your own models of work. 

For all of you on the business side of the web, we are preparing The BREAK – three days of engaging workshops, group discussions and in-depth conference presentations about relevant experiences, tools and new tech. 

The conference part starts after lunch the second day (Thu 2t6h) and ends on the third day (Fri 27th). The conference session is preceded by day and a half of in-depth sessions starting the first day (Wed 25th) divided into 2 tracks:

Content and Commerce experts discussion

The BREAK workshops on the relevant business topic such as how to run web agency more effectively.

You will be able to purchase the full 3-day ticket or a ticket just for the conference part.