The latest Covid-19 info for #WEBSC

The latest Covid-19 info for #WEBSC

We are happy to see that things are generally improving across Europe, but we should still remain careful. The overall situation with Covid-19 pandemic is constantly changing. That change is affecting the local regulations for many different aspects, such as travelling or social distancing. We are monitoring those changes, as well as the recommendations of the national headquarter, and we are taking them into careful consideration.

As mentioned previously, we want to organise this year’s Web Summer Camp with two main goals: we want everyone to remain and feel safe, but we also want everyone to have a good time :)

So, here are some things worth mentioning.

General safety measures at Web Summer Camp

Obviously, this is a crucial point of our conference. We want you to feel safe and comfortable. We will make sure that a sufficient number of face masks and disinfectants are available for all participants. Masks and disinfectants will be obligatory indoors for all participants, which is how we plan to keep the risk from contagion low.

We have selected those rooms for workshops that are easy to air often. As another precaution, the air conditioning will be turned off. Instead, the rooms will be ventilated regularly. Respecting the specific distancing requirements, the seating in the workshop rooms will be organised in a way that participants can sit alone at their desks.

Covid-19 testing on site

In order to keep the entire group of participants safe from infections, we will be conducting quick antigen testing on site for those participants who have not been vaccinated or have not yet recovered from COVID-19.

Therefore, it would be best if you could provide:

  • your EU Digital COVID Certificate (or other COVID certificates, issued by their country's local authorities), or 

  • any other similar document that provides info about certification, recovery from infection or recent negative test.

For those participants without the mentioned documents, there will be organised quick antigen testing on site. The organizer will cover the costs of that testing.

Amadria Park Šibenik is obligated to facilitate other health protection procedures following the WHO and local authorities’ guidelines and recommendations. Please read more info on that here.

We will also organize PCR testing for those participants returning or travelling to countries outside Croatia that require such tests. Those tests will be charged on spot. We will keep you posted on the price of those tests on time.

Make sure to follow our Web Summer Camp latest updates and Covid-19 FAQ here

Stay safe and hope to see you in Šibenik!