The Rise of Personalization in Modern DXPs


Personalization in digital experience platforms (DXPs) is an emerging trend necessary in today's digital landscape. Therefore, providing personalized experiences is becoming imperative every single day.

Although personalization is a rising star, it becomes more challenging to achieve because of increasing omnichannel content distribution and data privacy. However, micro-services-based DXPs and API-first personalization platforms can help provide a cohesive personalization experience by integrating personalization into high-performance and modern stacks.

Traditionally, DXPs were "full-featured" monoliths that provided an all-in-one solution for businesses to digitize their business goals, marketing activities, analytics, and content management. With the rise of API-driven (or headless) approaches, micro-services-based DXPs have emerged over time.

Customers' expectations evolve globally, and businesses need to re-evaluate whether their current setup is still meeting their needs. If companies don't put their customers' omnichannel experience expectations first, they'll become outdated and lose competitiveness sooner rather than later.


Andy Kaiser

Andy Kaiser

Founder of Ninetailed

Andy is a full-stack digital marketer, data native and entrepreneur, well versed in Data Analytics, Digital Strategy, E-Commerce, Product & Software Development, Customer Experience Optimization, SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing and Growth Hacking. He has over 15 years of experience working in digital companies and agencies. I've worked on projects for Alfa Romeo, Axel Springer, Bankia, El Corte Ingles, Ferrovial, Fiat, Gamesa, Lancia, Santander, and Telefonica, among others.