TypeScript from zero to hero


On Friday, September 3rd

Learn why you should be using TypeScript instead of JavaScript. Build your 1st NPM package built-in TypeScript while learning basic to advanced TypeScript features.

Learn why TypeScript, different typescript utilities, generics in typescript, type queries, and decorators. The activities will be using the tsconfig in Typescript, writing and publishing your 1st NPM library with typescript decorators, and more.


All dependencies and code are installed on the Virtualbox appliance provided to participants.

If not using prepared VirtualBox appliance make sure you have these services installed on your laptop:

  • Node v14
  • NPM
  • VS Code (recommended)

Then prepare the project before workshop starts:

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Devlin Duldulao

Devlin Duldulao


Devlin is a full-stack software developer, a trainer, and an international conference speaker. He loves going to universities and user groups to share his expertise. He is certified Microsoft MVP.