#WEBSC tracks! Here’s what we have in store

#WEBSC tracks! Here’s what we have in store

Believe it or not, we are less than four months away from this year’s Web Summer Camp! Don’t be fooled by somewhat colder and rainy spring weather, the summer is actually just around the corner. And with the overall Covid-19 situation also slowly improving (#fingerscrossed!), we are optimistic that we will be able to meet with you in Šibenik very soon!

So while counting the days (and ok, months) we rolled up our sleeves to wrap up the program. Today, we bring you the latest updates, related to five tracks that you can expect during the event. 

  • UX and Project Management track

This track will be focused on the core skills for any web focused teams - whether they are agency teams or in-house teams of some mid or larger companies. There will be two engaging workshops within this track. 

Paul Boag, a leader in digital transformation and user experience design thinking, will hold a workshop “Become a user experienced agency/team” that will be very helpful in terms of developing and offering sharp user experience services. This is an absolute must!

The second workshop “Applying Agile in a Web Development Agency”, delivered by certified Professional Scrum trainers Ana Roje and Ognjen Bajić, will focus on agile workstyle in everyday surroundings of web dev agencies. The goal of this workshop is to explain why and how modern web development and digital agencies can benefit from implementing agile principles and practices. Prepare yourself for a combination of theory, discussions, and hands-on exercises.

  • Tech forum track

If you are interested in #martech trends, first-hand experiences related to building web sites and shops with an increasing number of tools, solutions and architectures that work, you should join this track. This track will gather experts from CMS/DXP, eCommerce, PXM, DAM and similar vendors to discuss how to craft better web projects. 

Janus Boye, a veteran in the CMS/DXP industry and organizer of Boye conferences in Denmark and US, will join us in Šibenik to moderate a two-day discussion forum. Janus is known for organizing and moderating user and expert group discussions quite often, so his thoughts and experiences will be very valuable to participants of this track. 

  • Javascript track

All things Javascript will be discussed at the separate track, which will also offer two full-day engaging workshops.

Maxim Salnikov, from Microsoft Azure, will deliver a workshop on “Automating a service worker with Workbox”. As a cloud and frontend geek who has been building web applications since the end of the last century, Maxim has a lot of extensive experience and knowledge to share. During his talk, Maxim will give you tips on how to start with Workbox 6, implement typical functionality for an offline web application, and go further by adding your own caching logic.

Please hold tight while we announce the second workshop - soon.

  • PHP track

PHP track will focus on PHP related tools and techniques that you can use in real applications and everyday work. Two engaging full-day workshops will be included in this track.

David Buchmann from Liip will deliver a workshop - “Fixing PHP Applications”. During his workshop, David will help you to look carefully to prevent errors, mitigate the impact of errors and track what is going on in your application. There will be a bunch of hands-on exercises with various debugging strategies that help to locate the cause for an error quickly.

Josip Stuhli from SofaScore will deliver a workshop about “Advanced caching practices” that will offer an in-depth overview of caching techniques, from standard usage to advanced setups with strong focus on HTTP cache. The most important part of any caching system is cache invalidation which will be covered thoroughly in this workshop. 

  • Symfony track

Symfony PHP also deserves its separate track, as there are many related topics to discuss. We prepared two full-day workshops to keep the conversation alive. 

We will have Łukasz Chruściel joining us from Sylius to deliver a workshop on “Developing headless e-commerce with Sylius and API Platform”. Participants of this workshop will work on building a modern backend of e-commerce API based on the Sylius platform. 

After his previous participation at Web Summer Camp in 2018 and 2019, Nicolas Grekas, from Symfony, will join us once again and will deliver a workshop about “HTTPClient advanced usage and best practices”.

So, there you go! If you were still hesitant and indecisive if you should attend, we hope that these tracks and topics have convinced you to attend. Tickets will be available from May 18th, we’ll keep you posted on that :)

Please make sure that you read the Covid-19 info section on our website. Things are looking up, and we are quite happy about that, but we must remain responsible to keep safe and healthy throughout the conference. 

Hope to see you in Šibenik!