What developers usually get wrong about web analytics


Web analytics has been with us for more than two decades, yet most of us still don't understand its impact on web production, as well as the impact of web development on the marketing data quality. There are numerous lousy web analytics implementation all over the world and most of those websites could avoid having bad data quality if only the need and purpose of web analytics was understood properly. And the main purpose of web analytics is increasing the marketing efficiency so that website can achieve better results with less money. That's why in digital projects we sometimes need dedicated web analyst – an interpreter between marketing and development.

In his lecture Robert will present some correct ways of implementing the web analytics (especially the cookie panel!), some common mistakes and things you need to be aware of before choosing the right solution.

And one more thing: he will show that marketing and development can and should be friends, despite the fact we talk different languages.


Robert Petković

Robert Petković

Digital Analytics Director at Pro media group

Internet professional with 20 years experience in all aspects of web pages deployment, production, analysis and optimization. For the last 10 years recognized as one of the most prominent analysts in the region. Current professional focus is on advanced Google Analytics implementation using Tag Manager, Conversion optimization, A/B testing, Behavioral marketing, online-offline integration and SEO that makes websites and their offsite facilities more efficient.