With three weeks to go, find out more about our extra activities

With three weeks to go, find out more about our extra activities

With Web Summer Camp only three weeks away, here are some important updates and announcements.

Changes in Javascript track

There will be some changes in the Javascript track, as unfortunately, Maxim Salnikov will not be able to join us after all. We are very sorry that Maxim will have to miss out, but surely there will be some other opportunities for his contribution in the future. Instead, Devlin Duldulao will be joining to deliver a workshop "TypeScript from zero to hero".

Morning recreation

This has become a part of Web Summer Camp tradition. Meet us on Thursday and Friday morning at 7.30 AM at the terrace of Hotel Ivan. Swimming is planned for Thursday, while the morning run will take place on Friday morning. Don't worry, you will have enough time for a coffee hangout.

Lounge with the Experts

Don't run off to the beach right after the workshops on Thursday, as we have planned a rather cool hangout at the En Vogue Beach Bar in the resort. Meet with the experts while catching some sun or chilling in comfortable sunbeds and white curtained baldachins. Free beer included!

Boat trip

And finally, we are happy to announce the boat trip that will take place on Saturday. We’ll be sailing the Šibenik archipelago, towards the Šibenik bay and canal. Trust us, the view of the city from the sea is truly breathtaking! We highly recommend a visit to Faust Vrančić Memorial Center, but if you're into sunbathing and sipping lemonade, that's fine, too. The boat trip depends on good weather conditions, but we have a feeling that everything should be alright.

Covid-19 info

Please make sure that you read the Covid-19 info section on our website with the latest updates on this topic. Here's a quick overview of the arrival procedure to Amadria Park Šibenik.

There are not many tickets left - if you are still indecisive if you should come, take into account that we expect tickets to be sold out soon :)

Stay safe and hope to see you in Šibenik!